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May 31, 2017
San José State University and Institute of Certified Records Managers Partnership Provides Graduates with a More Immediate Path to Certification

SJSU iSchool and ICRM The San José State University School of Information and the Institute of Certified Records Managers announce a strategic partnership to allow graduates of the Master of Archives and Records Administration degree program, who have completed their course work and met established qualifications for ICRM candidacy, to apply for credit for Parts 1-5 of the ICRM exams.

“We are very pleased for our students since this agreement acknowledges the extensive skills and knowledge they acquire while pursuing the MARA program and creates a direct path to ICRM certification,” said Dr. Patricia C. Franks, SJSU iSchool professor and MARA program coordinator.

The benefits of this partnership extend to graduates applying to become a Certified Records Analyst or to take Part 6 to become a Certified Records Manager. Recent MARA program alumni (spring and fall 2016 graduates) are also eligible for this unique opportunity.

“ICRM is proud to partner with the San José University iSchool to allow graduates of its MARA program a more immediate path to ICRM certification and related benefits. This partnership meets the organization’s joint strategic goals of developing the next generation of educated, experienced and credentialed RIM practitioners,” said Rae Lynn Haliday, chairman of the ICRM Strategic Alliance Committee.

Graduates of the MARA program are required to submit their transcripts at the time of application to the ICRM. As part of the partnership agreement, MARA program graduates must meet additional qualifications by providing proof of one year of work experience or alternately by having completed either the MARA 294 Internship or the MARA 295 Organizational Consulting course. Instructors of the MARA program are required to be Certified Records Managers.

“The CRM certification is the mark of a master practitioner, signifying both extensive knowledge and experience in the RIM profession. It is exciting to partner with a graduate-level program providing candidates with an in-depth education covering the full scope of the ICRM body of knowledge,” said John Krysa, ICRM President-Elect.

The partnership provides a further benefit by streamlining the certification maintenance requirements in order for existing CRMs and CRAs to receive credit for the courses they take in the MARA program through the pre-approval process.

The MARA program is well respected in the Records and Information Management profession and has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to building its curriculum around the core competencies that comprise the ICRM exam outline.

Based in California's world-renowned Silicon Valley, the San José State University School of Information is a recognized leader in online education and offers entirely online master’s degree and certificate programs. Graduates work worldwide in diverse career environments, such as digital asset management, archives and preservation, electronic records management, and information governance.

Founded in 1975, the Institute of Certified Records Managers is an international certifying organization of and for professional records managers. The Institute confers three designations: the Certified Records Manager (CRM); the Certified Records Manager/Nuclear Specialist (CRM/NS); and now the Certified Records Analyst (CRA).

For more information about this unique opportunity for graduate students, please visit the MARA program web page.

To learn more about the partnership, contact the ICRM or the SJSU iSchool:

ICRM Contact Information:

Rae Lynn Haliday, MBA, CRM

Chairman, ICRM Strategic Alliance Committee Institute of Certified Records Managers

Work: (314) 646-4572



SJSU iSchool Contact Information:

Patricia C. Franks, PhD, CA, CRM, IGP, FAI

Professor, San José State University School of Information

Work: (408) 924-2490