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Published: September 3, 2020 by iSchool Career Advisor

You have leadership skills even if you don’t have manager, director, or supervisor in your title. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has just released their list of the top skills employers seek in college grads, and leadership has topped the list at number one. Chances are you demonstrate your leadership skills everyday not only for your individual contributions, but also for your ability to inspire others, initiate change, and model a sense of teamwork. Opportunities to lead and develop your leadership skills are everywhere. Consider how the examples below can be turned into accomplishment statements on your resume or turned into talking points in your next interview.

10 examples that demonstrate your leadership skills

  1. Lead or co-lead a virtual team or group of people on an iSchool project.
  2. Organize and implement a fundraising event or social gathering.
  3. Manage a committee or group of volunteers for a community service project.
  4. Hold an officer position in a student organization, professional association, Parent Teacher Association, or community based organization.
  5. Act as a team player, a role model, or lead by example on a recreational sports team.
  6. Take charge and manage a new project or initiative at work.
  7. Take the initiative to lead a social activity, conference, or fund raising event.
  8. Make a recommendation to improve a process, function, or system.
  9. Train a new student assistant, employee, or group of people.
  10. Be the go-to person or expert in a particular area.

Make a conscious effort to volunteer, step-up, and get involved in activities where you can showcase and /or develop your leadership skills. Check the iSchool Career Development pages for more information on how to demonstrate your skills.


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