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Published: June 29, 2018 by Evelyn Hudson

Podcasts are currently all the rage. You might even already have a few favorites. But did you know there are several library-related podcasts out there? These podcasts are a great way to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the library world outside of academia and learn about new career options you never considered. Their topics also make great conversation starters during an interview! Without further ado, here are five library podcasts to keep you entertained and informed.

  1. Book Riot The Podcast – This podcast is hosted by Book Riot, a blog site dedicated to all things books. Episodes are published weekly and cover literary pop culture topics and book news. Recent episodes discussed Barack Obama’s latest reading list and Bill Gates’ offer of a free book to US college graduates. There are over 250 episodes currently published. Book Riot also offers several genre-specific podcasts such as Hey YA and When in Romance, so you can choose the podcast that best meets your interests and career direction.
  2. American Libraries Dewey Decibel Podcast – For those who already subscribe to American Libraries, this podcast is an excellent addition. Hosted by Associate Editor Phil Morehart, this podcast tackles all the big issues in the library world, from responding to disasters to being a better advocate. This podcast is an excellent way to educate yourself on important topics and come across as more knowledgeable to a potential employer. Published once a month, the series has nearly 30 podcasts ready for listening now.
  3. Circulating Ideas – Each episode of this podcast features a current library employee who is making great strides in his or her profession. Guests discuss their experiences as librarians and where they see room for improvement in the field. You can scroll through the podcast’s website to find librarians who have the career you want and binge on those specific episodes. This podcast is published twice a month and features over 130 episodes at present.
  4. The Public Libraries Podcast Public Libraries Online – This podcast is an excellent choice for those who want to work in a public library. It is created by the same people who publish the Public Libraries magazine. The podcast discusses important topics in public libraries such as the homeless population in libraries and how to serve those who are incarcerated. The podcast has nearly 30 live episodes, but unfortunately, episodes are published very sporadically.
  5. Beyond the Stacks – For those of you looking for an alternative LIS career—this is the podcast for you! It features LIS professional who chose alternative paths, such as photo archivist, knowledge manager and law librarian. Each episode interviews one of these people to learn more about them and their job. Sadly, this podcast was part of a one-time project and is not publishing new episodes.

Do you have a favorite library-related podcast? Share it in the comments!

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