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Published: November 16, 2018 by Evelyn Hudson

Thanksgiving is approaching, which means it is almost winter break! If you’re not taking a winter course, this means you have seven weeks to relax. While you’re hiding from the cold weather, why not read a book and learn something that might help you land your dream job? The following are five new books that are each a great choice for winter break reading.

  1. Your Passport to International Librarianship by Cate Carlyle and Dee Winn (2018) – This book is recommended for anyone looking to try her hand at international librarianship. International librarianship is a wonderful opportunity to gain unique experience and a new understanding of libraries around the world. This book has advice from professionals who were international librarians, ideas for volunteering remotely, how to find opportunities and more. Check out this book if you’re ready to travel!
  2. Escape Rooms and Other Immersive Experiences in the Library by Ellyssa Kroski (2019) – Escape rooms are very popular right now and are also a great choice for the library. However, creating an escape room is not a simple matter. It requires a lot of thinking and creativity. This book explains why escape rooms can be both academic and fun, lots of ideas, success stories and more. If you’re looking to plan an escape room, this book is the one for you.
  3. Using Authentic Assessment in Information Literacy Programs: Tools, Techniques, and Strategies by Jennifer S. Ferguson (2018) – Information literacy is one of the essential skills taught by librarians in all environments. It is important to know how to teach these skills to patrons and how to assess them. This book discusses authentic assessment and how to provide it in the short time most librarians have to teach about information literacy. If you currently teach or plan to teach information literacy in the future, this book is for you!
  4. Librarian’s Guide to Online Searching: Cultivating Database Skills for Research and Instruction, 5th Edition by Christopher C. Brown and Suzanne S. Bell (2018) – Being an expert in online searching is an important skill for any librarian. But it can be hard to keep up with all the constant changes. This new edition covers free and fee-based databases as wells as advice on searching, assessment, and teaching. Choose this book to stay up to date about online searching.
  5. What Color Is Your Parachute? 2019: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers by Richard N. Bolles (2018) – The What Color is Your Parachute series is a perennial favorite among job hunters. It has sold over 10 million copies in 28 countries since its publication. This edition has been updated with social media and job searching advice. After reading this book, you’ll know which job-hunting strategies are the best for your situation. If you’ll soon be searching for a job, read this book!

What books do you plan to read over winter break? Share in the comments!

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