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Published: September 12, 2019 by Margaret Snyder, Editor-in-Chief, Student Research Journal

Want to be dialed-in to career trends, up your research game, and contribute to the library and information science (LIS) conversation? Look no further than the Student Research Journal (SRJ)San Jose State University’s (SJSU’s) only graduate student-run, open-access, double-blind, peer-reviewed academic journal featuring graduate student research and inviting contributions from prestigious researchers and movers and shakers in the LIS field. SRJ is about to celebrate their 10th birthday after an amazing 2018 milestone year eclipsing 100,000 downloads (read the issue here) and thrilled to introduce a new student resource blog to support SJSU MLIS and MARA students.

The SRJ blog features content designed for both the immediate research needs of students in the rigorous SJSU coursework, and the long-term value of research in the LIS field. Check out these videos: INFO 200 Welcome, INFO 285 Welcome and MARA 200 Welcome. And take advantage of the first round of resources: APA citations and examples of excellent graduate student writing highlighting crucial academic writing elements. Share broadly and email SRJ with any questions or suggestions for upcoming content that would benefit you, your students, and other LIS professionals!

SRJ is committed to growing the research profile of SJSU through showcasing the scholarship of LIS graduate students and faculty at SJSU and beyond. The most recent issue (read about it in the news) features an outstanding contribution from SJSU’s own Dr. Mary Ann Harlan on her research into teenage identity formation. The quality of SRJ is a testament to the incredible SJSU LIS educational experience and the exceptional vision of the faculty in prioritizing research as essential to professional development and the future of the LIS field.

SJSU is dedicated to innovating curriculum that sets students up for success by aligning core coursework and competencies with emerging trends in the workforce. The invaluable 2019 SJSU MLIS Skills at Work Report highlights that 68% of jobs look for communication skills, with 22% of roles specifically seeking an applicant with strong research skills (read a career blog post here). To succeed, practicing professionals must constantly be on the pulse of their community, and research is an essential skill in this life-long process of learning and honing your craft.

The value of research in the LIS field lies in applying research to your professional practice and developing methodologies for making data-driven decisions to inform strategic planning, project management, marketing campaigns, programming development, technological innovation, and to ultimately better meet and anticipate the needs of the communities we serve. In addition, research is a critical skill for communicating value to stakeholders no matter which field of information science you ultimately pursue, or direction your career takes you.

SRJ would love to read your research and is currently accepting research manuscripts, critical essays, book reviews, and evidence summaries, and inviting contributions from practicing professionals and academics in the field. The next issue is set for publication on December 4, 2019, so please submit soon! And follow SRJ on Twitter for updates and email SRJ with questions!


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