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MLIS Skills at Work: A Snapshot Of Job Postings
LIS Jobs Analysis

The San José State University School of Information’s MLIS Skills at Work: A Snapshot of Job Postings report provides insight into the skills and knowledge needed in the 21st century information profession. It also highlights employment trends (pages 5 – 11) and provides highly valuable recommendations for LIS job seekers beginning on page 46.

DEI statements occur in 63% of job announcements; DEI as a skillset is noted in 32% of job posts. – page 7

The report is an excellent resource for:

  • Future MLIS students exploring career paths for information professionals
  • Current MLIS students preparing to enter the job market and/or planning the courses they will take to develop marketable skills
  • Practitioners interested in learning how they might expand their career options
  • Information center leaders who are responsible for creating and recruiting for tomorrow’s jobs
  • Educators who are preparing students for successful careers in the information profession

The Archives, Preservation and Special Collections category has increased the most from 2023 to 2024, from 10% to 15% of job posts. – page 10 

The most recent jobs report analyzes and discusses a random sample of 400 job postings for library and information science (LIS) professionals posted on 24 LIS-specific and general job search websites between February 1 and April 15, 2024. The data cover employer types, job titles, in-demand skills, job-specific experience, and job duties.

Academic / research organizations and public libraries comprise 55% of all job posts. — page 13

Download the MLIS Skills at Work: A Snapshot of Job Postings report.