Alumna Tasha Bergson-Michelson Creates Search Education Curriculum for Google Users

Community Profile

Since graduating in 2001, San José State University School of Information alumna Tasha Bergson-Michelson has used her MLIS degree to conduct corporate research, develop corporate training programs, and most recently, design Google curriculum for teaching search strategies to school age children.

“My current work at Google grew out of a business I started teaching research skills to children as young as second grade and to adults who were retirees,” said Bergson-Michelson. “With my background in corporate research, I had experience developing corporate training programs, and that extended to developing a variety of instructional programs for research. When I started speaking publicly about how to search more efficiently, I saw how great a need there was for focused curriculum on search strategies.”

Bergon-Michelson started speaking about searching while writing for the independent website GoogleGuide, created by Nancy Blachman. “Thinking about how people were interacting with the information found in GoogleGuide and how to help them retain what they were learning inspired me to start a business teaching search skills. That work drew Google’s attention and ultimately grew into my current role developing Search Education Curriculum on the Google in Education site,” Bergson-Michelson said.

To hear more about her work at Google, you can view to a recorded session of her talk titled What is a Librarian Doing at Google?  Bergson-Michelson made the presentation as part of the iSchool’s Career Colloquia series during spring 2013.

Bergson-Michelson also serves on the SLIS International Advisory Council, bringing strategic insight and visioning to the information school’s leadership team. As a member of the International Advisory Council, Bergson-Michelson joins other professionals with varying backgrounds and experience, who work in a wide range of information centers, as they share their insights with Dr. Sandra Hirsh, SLIS Director.  “It’s a great honor for me to give back to the school,” Bergson-Michelson said.

Career Advice

“Whatever compels you to be a librarian is something that’s needed in many types of environments. It’s really important to think about what moves you – what wakes you up in the middle of the night with your heart pounding. Then think about what you want in a work environment. What will enable you to do your best?”

Tech Tip

“There’s no substitute for excellent research skills.”

Favorite Blog

The Pegasus Librarian: “I love this and always look forward to new posts. I really like Iris Jastram’s perspective on instruction.”

Influential Professors

“Dr. Linda Main continues to be fantastic. I was very fortunate to learn how to code web pages with her.”

Professional Conferences

“Conferences are a rich opportunity to listen to other librarians and hear what they’re doing in terms of teaching research skills as well as what’s happening in school libraries and education in general. There, I’m able to connect with people who have ideas.”