Learn about: PassWords!

This FAQ will change over time and is based on actual questions. If you have not done so, also review either GSS Syllabi CMS Tutorials or, for textbook selections, see iSchool Textbook Selection and eBookstore.

Important: all users must first pass through 2-factor authentication using the current HTPASSWD. See tutorial for assistance.

REMINDER: The instructor login AFTER you submit your HTPASSWD (pop-up credential) is


  1. Historical syllabi: I taught the same class in a previous semester and my syllabus is not in the GSS Syllabi CMS database. [Answer 1]
  2. Unapproved syllabus submitted: I just submitted my syllabus for approval but I realize I need to change something on it. [Answer 2]
  3. Initial password: I entered the password sent in email, but it won’t accept it. [Answer 3]
  4. Syllabus submitted: I submitted my syllabus but it is not posted on iSchool website. [Answer 4]
  5. Lost password or user id: I forgot my GSS Syllabi CMS password or login id from last semester. [Answer 5]
  6. Textbook DRC process: Is there a step-by-step that shows how to complete the DRC Textbook selection process? [Answer 6]
  7. Initial Temporary Password: I am new faculty and have not received login information for GSS Syllabi CMS and have to select textbooks for my sections. [Answer 7]
  8. I replied to syllabus_administrator and have received a return email that the email address does not exist. [Answer 8]



  1. We may have missed it. Please contact the Web Technology Team. We need the semester you taught the course and the course number.
  2. Email Bob Lucore right away. He can do an “unsubmit” so you can again edit your syllabus.
  3. Initial password problems: The temporary password that you receive is used in two instances. It is 1) used on the login screen the first time you login or 2) after you do a “forgot password” action.
    Once you login, you will be immediately prompted to create a new, permanent password for yourself following the rules explained on the screen. The temporary password is used in the “Old Password” box. See  Security & Access Tutorial.
  4. When you submit your syllabus in GSS Syllabi CMS, it goes into a queue. Bob Lucore is the current administrator for the queue. He will review your syllabus submission and make sure it meets our formatting style. Once he has fixed any problems, he will approve it, and the GSS Syllabi CMS application will automatically send you an email to let you know it was published in the course pages/syllabi. Note that many faculty submit close together and your syllabus will be approved in the order received unless there are a considerable number of problems with your syllabus. In that case, those who did it correctly may get published first.
  5. Lost password: Use the “Forgot Password?” link under the login button on the GSS Syllabi CMS login page. Use this to do a password reset and to get a new temporary password via email.

    You will follow the same steps as in shown in the screenshots in the Security & Access tutorial.

    NOTE: When doing a password reset, you will be prompted for your current login name (login id) and the email address on file in GSS Syllabi CMS. If you get either wrong, it will fail. This is to prevent crackers from trying to break into your account. If it fails and you do not recall what email address was used the first time you used your GSS Syllabi CMS account, then please contact Bob Lucore, he can give you the email address on file in GSS Syllabi CMS. In the majority of cases, the email address is whatever you gave us as the one to use in the iSchool website form mail for your course. [If Bob is not available, contact iSchool Web Technology Team for the information.]

    Lost user id: If you have forgotten your GSS Syllabi CMS user id (usually just your first initial and last name), then send email to the iSchool Web Technology Team. For security reasons, passwords are encrypted in the database and we cannot read them.

  6. Yes, see DRC Textbook Compliance Process.
  7. If you have not received the first temporary password, did you follow the steps at Security & Access tutorial to initiate the temporary password? If so, then please check your spam mailbox for mail from ISCHOOL WEBMASTERS If you cannot find the email, contact iSchool Web Technology Team.
  8. To contact the syllabus administrator, send email to Bob Lucore.