Faculty Handbook


Faculty Handbook

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This handbook contains information and forms that faculty commonly use for designing and managing their classes and conducting San José State University School of Information administrative business. It is comprised of 7 sections: Administration, Course Management, Student Advising, Instructional Tools, King Library, SJSU, and Forms. Within each section are links to useful resources pertaining to personnel, teaching, students, and instructional software. The sections also contain information about iSchool and SJSU policies and procedures as well as the names of people to contact with questions or concerns. The goal of the handbook is to provide faculty members with quick access to standard forms and procedures. For semester-specific information, consult the faculty site on Canvas. An index of terms will direct you to the information included in the Handbook.

School Philosophy

Practice + Theory = Praxis

All reflective professions require theory. Professionals require theory to build and lead institutions. Theory also differentiates professional education from paraprofessional or vocational training. The iSchool faculty are committed to cultivating a culture of reflective practice. Thus theory, and its necessary relationship to practice, help practitioners determine what is enduring or fleeting, and highlights the difference between glad tidings and testimonials versus verifiable best practice. Praxis represents the intersection of theory, education, and practice. The pedagogical goal of praxis is to understand and explicitly teach the relationship between professional activity and theory so that curricula do not function as mere sequences of isolated elements, procedures, methods, or techniques. Praxis provides an opportunity to apply conceptual frameworks. Our courses should seek and exhibit a dynamic balance between theory and practice.

School Overview

About iSchool
Mission and Goals
Strategic Plan
Accreditation and School Ranking
MLIS Program Assessments

School Contact Information

Technology Support

School Calendars

iSchool Events
SJSU Academic Calendar



Visiting San Jose State University Campus

iSchool Office Location

The iSchool office is in Suite 417 of Clark Hall on the San José State University Campus. Clark Hall is near 7th Street (El Paseo De Cesar E. Chavez) south of San Fernando Street. Please see the following:



Whenever an instructor plans any kind of field trip or activity outside assigned classrooms, a certificate of insurance will probably be needed. To obtain this certificate, notify the office manager at the iSchool office of the planned event. Provide the following information:


Role of the Graduate Advisor

Role of the Graduate Advisor

The Graduate Advisor is appointed by the director.

In consultation with the director or associate director the Graduate Advisor:



Students who cannot fulfill all the coursework due to a medical or family emergency at the end of the coursework can be assigned an Incomplete. The instructor must be willing to work with the student through completion, for as long as a year after the incomplete is assigned, which is the maximum time allowed by the University. It is the student’s responsibility to read the guidelines available at: Incompletes

The instructor will assign the student an “I” on the final grade roster.


Travel Fund Criteria for Part-time Faculty

Part-time faculty members willing to represent iSchool at professional conferences, meetings, and events

In exchange for representing iSchool and/or meeting with iSchool students and alumni at professional events, the school’s Director will consider a proposal to reimburse expenses, including mileage (up to 250 miles RT), one hotel night if attending an evening event (up to $275), and conference registration if conducting a trend-spotting meeting.


Travel Fund Criteria for Full-time Faculty and Staff

The iSchool provides travel funds to enable faculty to attend relevant conferences and institutes for purposes of research dissemination, professional development, and community service. Staff proposals for training will be supported to the degree possible. All proposals are subject to approval by the Director


Each full time faculty member is given an annual travel allowance depending on their status: tenured, tenure track, full time lecturer. Staff will be adjudicated separately against position requirements


International Travel Requirements

If you wish to be reimbursed for iSchool-related international travel, a Travel Authorization Request must have been obtained prior to the travel taking place. If a Travel Authorization Request was not obtained, a reimbursement will not be processed. The FTS Travel Authorization Request for international travel must be submitted 60 days prior to the travel date to non High Hazard areas, and 80 days prior to the travel date to High Hazard areas.



For the official statement of policy on this matter as passed by the Academic Senate, see:


Domestic Travel Requirements

If you wish to be reimbursed for iSchool related domestic travel, a Travel Authorization Request must have been obtained prior to the travel taking place. If a Travel Authorization Request was not obtained, a reimbursement claim will not be processed. The FTS Travel Authorization Request for domestic travel must be approved 30 days prior to the travel date.


Changing an Email Address

If you want to change your e-mail address globally, you must do so in various places. E-mail addresses can be separate and different in each of the following listed places. Use the appropriate procedure to change the e-mail address for each type of resource.


Creating and Updating Faculty Web Pages

(See People – Faculty for a full listing of current faculty web pages.)

All full-time and part-time faculty must set up and maintain a faculty web page. Faculty web pages are managed using the Facultypages web application (link below). The Facultypages application includes a series of forms that let you customize the information displayed on your faculty web page.


iSchool Peer Review Guidelines

All tenure-track, temporary full-time, and part-time faculty members must have peer evaluation of their courses. The frequency of these reviews depends on the nature of the instructor’s appointment and status.