Faculty Handbook


Faculty Handbook

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This handbook contains information and forms that faculty commonly use for designing and managing their classes and conducting San José State University School of Information administrative business. It is comprised of 7 sections: Administration, Course Management, Student Advising, Instructional Tools, King Library, SJSU, and Forms. Within each section are links to useful resources pertaining to personnel, teaching, students, and instructional software. The sections also contain information about iSchool and SJSU policies and procedures as well as the names of people to contact with questions or concerns. The goal of the handbook is to provide faculty members with quick access to standard forms and procedures. For semester-specific information, consult the faculty site on Canvas. An index of terms will direct you to the information included in the Handbook.

School Philosophy

Practice + Theory = Praxis

All reflective professions require theory. Professionals require theory to build and lead institutions. Theory also differentiates professional education from paraprofessional or vocational training. The iSchool faculty are committed to cultivating a culture of reflective practice. Thus theory, and its necessary relationship to practice, help practitioners determine what is enduring or fleeting, and highlights the difference between glad tidings and testimonials versus verifiable best practice. Praxis represents the intersection of theory, education, and practice. The pedagogical goal of praxis is to understand and explicitly teach the relationship between professional activity and theory so that curricula do not function as mere sequences of isolated elements, procedures, methods, or techniques. Praxis provides an opportunity to apply conceptual frameworks. Our courses should seek and exhibit a dynamic balance between theory and practice.

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