Travel Fund Criteria for Full-time Faculty and Staff


The iSchool provides travel funds to enable faculty to attend relevant conferences and institutes for purposes of research dissemination, professional development, and community service. Staff proposals for training will be supported to the degree possible. All proposals are subject to approval by the Director


Each full time faculty member is given an annual travel allowance depending on their status: tenured, tenure track, full time lecturer. Staff will be adjudicated separately against position requirements


The following is the ranking in order of importance that will be used by the Director to approve full time faculty use of travel funds:

  1. Giving a paper which will be published in refereed proceedings;
  2. Presenting a paper (or session for non-research faculty);
  3. Participating on a panel;
  4. Chairing a committee;
  5. Participating as a committee member;
  6. Attending for a specific purpose;

Normally, keynote speeches and workshops will be funded by the sponsoring agency.


Proposals will be received via a standard form.  See Request for Financial Assistance for Travel form.


Once the Financial Assistance for Travel form is received by the Director, you will receive notification of approval or denial, you will then work with the Travel Coordinator for further processing.