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Each semester as students complete their MLIS or MARA degree, the school asks them to complete an exit survey. Although the school uses the data to identify areas to improve its programs, as a new student, survey results can help you learn about your future classmates.

The data about the December 2013 graduates from the MLIS program was recently released and posted on the school’s website. Here are some interesting details.

Around 30% of students live outside of the state of California. You will find that many of your classmates reside all over the United States, while some, about 5%, even live outside of the U.S. Because SLIS offers a fully online program, students across the globe can share a virtual classroom. Since starting my MLIS degree I have worked with students all over the country, including some students in Canada, Japan, and South Korea. Making connections with so many different classmates has allowed me to see the information profession from a worldwide perspective.

While 50% of students complete their degree in three years or less, we do have the freedom to take up to seven years to finish. This flexibility is very appealing, especially to students who work while taking classes. After my first semester I realized I needed to change my pace and opted to take only one class per semester which meant I would complete my degree after four years. Taking a longer amount of time to complete the degree may not be for everyone but it worked out well for me and I am happy I was able to make that decision.

The challenges of balancing school, work, and family are something most students face because 85% of students work while completing their degree.

Also included in the survey results are quotes taken directly from students expressing their satisfaction with their education at SLIS. Said one graduate, “I was pleased that the program allowed me to focus on my areas of interest, while still providing a strong foundation of librarianship.” Other students echoed this positive sentiment, citing the school’s flexibility, diversity, and growth as some of its strengths.

The school’s curriculum was cited as its overall top strength. Many students commented on the wide range of available classes. New classes are continually being added to the curriculum to address trending topics or changing technology.

Looking at the exit survey results and reading the quotes from fellow students really reminds me of why I chose to attend SLIS and also makes me proud to be a student here. I encourage you to take a look at the data that has been posted. Not only will it give you insight into your classmates but also a chance to reflect on the many good things about our school.


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