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Published: April 2, 2018

hirsh_sandra_book-second_edition.jpgFind out what’s new in the second edition of Information Services Today.

The second edition of Information Services Today: An Introduction is now available! Published by Rowman & Littlefield, the book brings together 43 experts from across the LIS field, exploring what it means to be a library and information science professional today.

Compiled and edited by the iSchool’s director, Dr. Sandra Hirsh, the textbook includes contributions from several School of Information instructors including: Dr. Michael Stephens, Ruth Barefoot, Dr. Maureen Mackenzie, Wayne Disher, Dr. Frank Cervone, Dr. Sue Alman, Dr. Cheryl Strenström and Cherie Givens. With this new release, Dr. Hirsh aims to provide “a strong foundation of knowledge for the field.” The global focus and broad view of the book will appeal to LIS students, professionals, instructors and anybody else curious about the world of information.

New Content
If you already own the first edition, there are several reasons to upgrade to the second edition. The book has been reorganized and all the chapters have been refreshed and updated. Information Services Today kept its six key themes, which Dr. Hirsh chose based on her experience and observations of the LIS field. However, new chapters and sections have been added on the following topics that are critical to today’s information professional: change management, social justice (as part of the diversity chapter), design thinking, advocacy and strategic planning. Dr. Hirsh is particularly excited about the new approach taken to the chapter on managing personnel, as well as the ‘day in the life’ essays that are part of chapter nine. The essays give readers a flavor of what it’s like to work in different information environments.

Enriching Webinars istudent_blog_dr_hirsh.jpg
The first edition was accompanied by six 50-minute webinars hosted by Library Journal. The second edition is also associated with an expanded set of webinars that enrich the content of the book; Dr. Hirsh hosted these interactive discussions with many of the book’s contributors to get their perspectives on key themes, changes to the field and competencies that are needed for today’s information professional. Access to these webinars is included in the purchase price of the book.

E-portfolio Companion
When it comes to pulling together your e-portfolio for INFO 289, Information Services Today is an invaluable resource. Students can utilize the textbook to inform their philosophies on librarianship and for supporting quotes when writing essays. Because the book covers such a wide range of topics, it is useful for any of the competencies. It can also come in handy for developing additional evidence to strengthen a competency or two, if needed. The chapter contents, supporting endnotes, bibliography and the supplementary online resources make it possible to write a paper or some other form of evidence to round out your e-portfolio, demonstrating your understanding and competence. A must-read for any MLIS or MARA student, order your copy by visiting the publisher’s website.


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