MARA 289 e-Portfolio Handbook


MARA 289 e-Portfolio Handbook

MARA 289: Advanced Topics in Archives and Records Administration (e-Portfolio)

Student Handbook

The Electronic Portfolio (e-Portfolio) is required for MARA students to satisfy the University’s requirements for a culminating experience. The goal of the e-Portfolio is to provide a program-based assessment to ensure that each student demonstrates mastery of all program learning outcomes (core competencies) before graduation. For a list of the core competencies, see here.

MARA students will register for MARA 289: Advanced Topics in Archives and Records Administration during their final semester in the program. MARA 289 is a 3-unit formal graduate course; students should thus expect to devote a minimum of 135 hours to developing and refining their e-Portfolios. The three credits for this course count toward the total of 42 units required for the MARA degree. Successful completion of the course will result in a Credit (CR) grade being given for MARA 289.