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Published: November 18, 2018 by Priscilla Ameneyro

Around this time last year, I wrote an article about the reasons I’m thankful to be a student at the School of Information. Now I’m at the end of my program and I have even more reasons to share with you. I also wanted to hear from you, so I reached out to my peers to find out what they are feeling grateful for as we start winding down for the Thanksgiving holiday. In addition to the flexibility, variety, professional development opportunities and supportive environment I highlighted in 2017’s post, here’s four more of the many reasons I’m grateful to be an iSchool student.

Thankful for Internships
I was fortunate to do two internships and both were great experiences. Students should definitely take full advantage of the fact that the iSchool offers internships for credit. Internships looks great on your resume, allow you to try out different career paths and work environments, and offers you the opportunity to network with professionals. There are plenty to choose from in the internship database. You can do an internship in any semester, for two to four units, virtually or in-person. If you don’t find anything, you can even make your own

Thankful for Student Chapters
I decided to join the student chapter of the Special Libraries Association this year. I’m on the executive committee as the assistant communications director. Attending the monthly meetings has been a great way to socialize with other students. The iSchool has several student groups of professional associations. Join as a member to attend events or sign up for a committee role and build your leadership skills.

Thankful for e-Portfolio
At the iSchool, we’re very lucky that we have the option of the e-Portfolio as a culminating experience. Having just completed mine, I can tell you that the process is very rewarding and the final product is something you can use in your job search. Next week I’ll share more about my e-Port journey.

Thankful for Student Assistanships
I’m also thankful for this job! As the the lead writer for the iStudent Blog, it’s my responsibility to write articles on all aspects of the student experience. I’ve developed my writing skills and become familiar with Drupal (a content management system). Being a student assistant has been a good way to supplement my income while I study and the hours are flexible, so it never interfered with my school work. The iSchool offers a variety of assistantships so watch your inbox for openings.

What are you Thankful for?
Graduating iSchool student Megan Keane is grateful for her “grad school texting buddy.” She met her buddy during the in-person orientation at SJSU and they exchanged phone numbers, which “blossomed into a wonderful friendship and years of support to each other through the program.” What’s neat is that they are both graduating at the same time this semester! Catherine Lucy is grateful for the plentiful archives and records administration course offerings, which was a key factor for her in choosing the MARA program. Dr. Michele Villagran is thankful for you! She said, “I am thankful for each of you pursuing your education and dreams; the students make my day everyday.” Let me know in the comments below what you’re feeling thankful for and happy Thanksgiving!


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