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Thankful for iSchool

Published: November 18, 2018 by Priscilla Ameneyro

Around this time last year, I wrote an article about the reasons I’m thankful to be a student at the School of Information. Now I’m at the end of my program and I have even more reasons to share with you. I also wanted to hear from you, so I reached out to my peers to find out what they are feeling grateful for as we start winding down for the Thanksgiving holiday. In addition to the flexibility, variety, professional development opportunities and supportive environment I highlighted in 2017’s post, here’s four more of the many reasons I’m grateful to be an iSchool student.

iStudent Blog

Students at the iSchool Gain Valuable Real-World Experience as Research Assistants

Published: September 23, 2015

Research assistants at the iSchool have amazing opportunities to gain essential skills for the workplace, work with a team of fellow students and faculty, and be a part of something new, innovative and exciting. Research assistants work closely with iSchool instructors, staff and other information professionals, gaining workplace skills and sometimes a modest income (some assistantships are paid and some are just for experience) while they work on their degrees. These positions can be quite competitive, attracting many qualified applicants.