Archivo Nacional de la Republica de Cuba


Published: November 2, 2015 by Anna Maloney

Earlier this year, the United States restored diplomatic relations with Cuba. To (belatedly) honor this milestone, and in a program-wide effort to engage in an international perspective on archiving, this month’s spotlight is on the Archivo Nacional de le Republica de Cuba (ARNAC). Founded in 1840, ARNAC is commissioned by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment and its mission is to safeguard the country’s history for the Cuban people. In 2014, more than 7,600 people visited the Havana headquarters, which holds 27.5 kilometers (17 miles) of documents. ARNAC historians and researchers produce engaging narratives about records and offer training to archival specialists and researchers.

(If you are not fluent in Spanish, try using Google Translate to view the website).


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