Published: October 4, 2017 by Katie Kuryla 

Since 2011, one day a year in October, archivists have been taking to Twitter to answer all kinds of questions from members of the public and other archivists. Archivists are available all year round to answer questions but this special day helps to raise awareness of the services that Archives provides. This year on October 4th, you can ask Archivists any question.

#AskAnArchivist Day is described by the Society of American Archivists (SAA) as an opportunity to:

Break down the barriers that make archivists seem inaccessible.
Talk directly to the public—via Twitter—about what you do, why it’s important and, of course, the interesting records with which you work.
Join with archivists around the country and the world to make an impact on the public’s understanding of archives while celebrating American Archives Month!
Interact with users, supporters, and prospective supporters about the value of archives.
Hear directly from the public about what they’re most interested in learning about from archives and archivists.

No question is too silly or too practical. In 2014, FDR Library had tweeted to Truman Library asking them what were some of the archivist’s favorite gifts of Truman’s because FDR had gotten some really interesting gifts while President. Truman LIbrary tweeted back with a photo of Harry Truman’s head carved in a coconut.


Archivists want to share their knowledge and help people to find the information that is important to them. They have a dual purpose, to preserve and give access and it is the treasure hunt that drives them. What question can’t you wait to ask an archivist?


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