End of Spring Semester


Published: May 24, 2019 by Katie Kuryla

Now that spring semester is over and summer is right around the corner, I’m here to let you know what you need to do to prepare for the end of the semester.

Congrats to the graduates, but if you are here for another year, make sure you are saving documents to your e-Portfolio. Take a few minutes to read over what you need to do now that it is the end of the semester:

Saving documents to your e-Portfolio: This means your assignments, your discussion boards (this is important, it can help with your e-Portfolio!), courses, and competencies. When preparing for the e-Portfolio, students have often emphasized the importance of having an organized spreadsheet or matrix of courses and assignments mapped to core competencies. This helps when preparing statements and selecting evidence for each competency.

Downloading annotated assignments submitted in Canvas and saving discussion board posts: You can read more about downloading assignments here https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-3844(link is external).

Utilizing backup storage: While students are likely to have assignments saved on their personal computers, it is also recommended that students utilize cloud storage (such as Google Drive or Dropbox) and/or external storage (e.g. USB drives, external hard drives), to ensure continued access to their work. Think like a records manager!

Documenting Collaborate recordings: Students may have participated in Collaborate recordings for a variety of reasons. Network Administrator Abigail Laufer recommends that students make a spreadsheet of the recording URL, time, session name, and course number/instructor (if applicable).

After you have turned in your final exam or your last paper of the semester, there are some ways to celebrate:

Treat yourself to a yummy meal at your favorite dive spot or grab a nice cold drink at a local brewery. It doesn’t have to be fancy to hit the spot. Grab a friend who is also done with classes and head out for a tasty, cheap, relaxed meal.

Buy some new threads! Treat yourself to a little shopping — even if it’s just for new jeans — now that you have a few extra moments to yourself.

Splurge on something to read — for fun. When was the last time you read something purely for pleasure? Treat yourself to the latest trendy novel, a trashy gossip magazine, or a book on one of your favorite hobbies. You might be surprised at how much you enjoy reading when you don’t have to highlight everything and take notes!


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