Follow-up Thoughts from Robert Smallwood


Published: November 12, 2015 by Anna Maloney

Those of you who attended asked about job/internship leads and skills to prepare one for positions in Information Governance and related careers.  Robert Smallwood, who spoke on 11/05, wanted me to share the following with those who attended. But I thought all MARA students might be interested:

“Also, I wanted to pass along some more info about which departments students should be targeting for jobs. I left out an obvious one, COMPLIANCE.  Some top records managers I know like Monica Crocker work in the compliance department, in her case, at Wells Fargo.

And that is another point, about the industries the students should target. The ones that have the greatest need are highly regulated ones like utilities and pharmaceuticals, and also banks and insurance companies. They are ALL a mess inside, and will need a decade of IG work to get cleaned up.

Specifically I would target PG&E, Wells Fargo, B of A, JPMorganChase, Mass Mutual, Pfizer and similar companies.

IG is just beginning, although it is estimated to be a $10B market now, and growing to $20B by 2020. And there are VERY few people who are trained in IG, and there are NONE who are experts in all key facets of IG including RIM, Info Security, privacy, E-discovery, data governance, risk management, change management, and data science. So they could gain credentials in all those categories over the beginning of their career and be highly-qualified for the many positions that will be opening in the IG field.

I’d saytake a shot at the IGP once you finish the IG class, then study for and acquire a privacy cert from IAPP, then get an e-discovery cert from CEDS,  then a security cert from ISACA. At that point you’d have more IG credentials than 99.99% of the people in the field. All you’d need then is experience.

Hope this helps. I enjoyed presenting to the class.”

If you missed the presentation, a link to the recording will be available soon!


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