Information on the Nuclear Information and Records Specialist (NS) Certification

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The Nuclear Specialist (NS) is the first and most fully developed industry-specific certification for the Institute of Certified Records managers (ICRM). It remains the only advanced designation sanctioned by the ICRM.

Our most recent NS recipient, Denise Pickett noted that, “Receiving my NS certification was a notch in my belt and resulted in professional recognition when my company announced this as a notable achievement on our intranet. Colleagues were in disbelief that I was only one of 30 NSs in the certification’s history.”

The ICRM and the Nuclear Information and Records Management Association (NIRMA) established a formal relationship in 1990 to develop an advanced certification. The concept was to develop an advanced industry specific examination module, the nuclear energy industry in this case.

Any CRM in good standing may apply to sit for the NS examination. NIRMA reviews the candidate application to assure that appropriate work experience has been achieved. Approved candidates may take the examination. The actual examination is administered by the ICRM during the May and November examination periods as Part VII of the ICRM certification process. CRM candidates who wish to apply for the NS examination must establish and maintain membership in NIRMA.

For more information, contact:

Anita Beren

Director, Professional Development Business Unit of NIRMA

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