Jobs for RIMs Offer the Highest Salary


Published: March 24, 2022 by Melissa Prunty Kemp

MARA students can be encouraged for their careers from the most recent data gathered for the Archives and Records Management Jobs Analysis. Surveying 179 positions for ARMs, RIMs, IG, and other digital positions, the jobs report provides readers with job market insight, as follows: 

  • Summation of the most requested positions 
  • Typical terms for duties and requirements
  • Cities, states and regions where jobs are located
  • Salaries and experience required
  • Certifications, software and standards
  • Skills analysis 

Most positions were available for RIMs and offered the highest salaries. The northeastern USA, California, British Columbia and Ontario offered the most possibilities for all positions, especially RIMs. Archivists positions occurred robustly in colleges and universities, as well as in museums and cultural centers.

Download the Archives and Records Management Jobs Analysis report and appendices.


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