MARA Progam Announces New One-Credit Courses


Published: May 17, 2017 by Anna Maloney

Over the next year, the MARA program will be offering a new one-credit course each semester. 

For the past year, the MARA faculty have been working with the MARA Program Advisory Committee to develop topics for a series of one-credit courses. One-credit courses would allow MARA students a choice between one of the current MARA 284 electives (Information Governance and Information Assurance), and the series of one-credit courses. Alternatively, the courses may be taken by students who wish to take a concentrated deep-dive into a specialized topic. Over the next year, MARA students have the option to enroll in the following one-credit courses:

  • Ethics for Archivists and Records and Information Management Professionals. Instructor: Norman Mooradian. Summer 2017. (Enrollment is open until May 30th!)
  • Digital Forensics for Archivists: An Introduction. Instructor: Michael Olson. Fall 2017. (Enrollment is open until August 20th!)
  • Advocacy & the Professional Image of Archivists and Archives in Popular Culture. Instructor: Josh Zimmerman. Spring 2018. 


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