MARA Program Coordinator Dr. Patricia Franks Going on Sabbatical

Published: August 16, 2017 by Anna Maloney

Photo of Dr. Pat Franks

Just in time for the new academic year, there's a new MARA sheriff in town--well, sort of! During the fall 2017 semester, Dr. Lisa Daulby will be filling in as MARA Program Coordinator for Dr. Pat Franks, who will be taking a sabbatical to work on several exciting publication projects. First, Dr. Franks will be wrapping up her work on the International Directory of National Archives, a book that will serve as a single source of information about 198 National Archives spanning the globe. For the past year, Dr. Franks, the iSchool's Dr. Anthony Bernier, and student and alumni interns and volunteers have worked to put together this fantastic resource. The book is slated for publication in 2018. Second, she will be finishing up work on the Encyclopedia of Archival Writers, a book that is scheduled to include entries on the biographies and bibliographies of 200 archival and RIM writers and researchers. Lastly, Dr. Franks will be working on the second edition of her textbook Records & Information Management. First published in 2013, the second edition of this textbook will provide readers with updated material, and will include new paradigms written by industry leaders and experts. Dr. Franks will resume her duties in January and while we will miss her while she's gone, we are excited to have Dr. Daulby step into this important leadership role for the MARA program! You can view Dr. Daulby's bio and contact information here

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