RIMPA Live 2021
Call for Papers 11-14 October Canberra: seeking international experts.


Published: February 2, 2021 by Melissa Prunty Kemp

Posted on behalf of the Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIMPA)

The RIMPA Live Convention has a reputation for being innovative and thought-provoking as well as friendly and inclusive – so whatever you want to talk about, we’d like to hear it! Delivered as a hybrid event the possibilities are endless in today’s convention world!

While a variety of topics are desired, we encourage you to consider how your topic may fit into one of the following tracks: (please use these tracks as a guide, you do not need to present on these exact topic points) 

“Keeping P.A.C.E: A modern and holistic approach to records information and data management. 

Practical *Hands on sessions, panels & workshops*

Creating an Information asset register

Establishing an enterprise IM strategy

Data management & RM: the link

Business continuity in the digital workplace

Data management fundamentals

Harmony – working with your IT colleagues.

The good & the bad with managing records remotely

Developing a privacy compliance program

Panel Discussions

Panel – uncovering non-traditional RM roles, who & what are they?

Panel – what IM/RM means to management.

Cultural *Non-traditional facets*

Building your RM reputation

Selling the value of RM

Training challenges

Developing modern policy & process structures

The modern leader

The future of IM education opportunities

Passion & thirst are these words RM’s can use to describe themselves.

Setting up a digital footprint for your team

Build a winning IM team in a multi-generational workplace.

Tools and mules, addressing how to handle dissenters to your initiatives.

Mentoring – benefits

Anecdotal *Case studies* 

Bad news story

Office 365 is our RM system.

Balance between achieving compliance and practicality.

How data has supported evidence-based practice.

Sustainable Microsoft Teams adoption

Practical guide to digital preservation, what is it and the tools to do it.

Greater Wellington Council, effective RM is as important as water.

Disaster records and information recovery: a toolkit to survival

Privacy and risk: lessons learned.

Eventual *Future trends*

Tech debt – how to determine information debt.

Data never sleeps.

Office 365 – friend or foe

How important is metadata in our new world?

How important is metadata in our new world?

Proactive data strategies now and beyond

A science fiction guide to info gov

How to leverage your historical assets to create current value.

Assisting technology do we need to know to remain inclusive.

Monetizing big data

Sharing and reusing public sector data

Cyber security

Doing business in 2030 – futuristic approach to technology and processes 



Please submit your presentation proposal via the portal link for consideration by the convention program committee. Speakers will be advised by late March 2021 whether they have been accepted or not and confirmation or rejection email will be sent. Please note all presentations must be educational and informative with no product/service sales pitch.

All selected speakers will receive a convention pass for the day of their talk, and will also be able to take advantage of a preferential rate for the whole convention and/or our evening social events. 
(NB: For a maximum of 2 speakers per organization per session). 


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