Susan J. Sullivan Presents a Colloquium on Google and Records Management


Published: April 14, 2015 by Darren Ilett

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from Susan J. Sullivan, CRM, who directed the National Archives and Records Administration’s Corporate Records Management Program in DC, earned the AIIM Distinguished Service Award for her contributions to the PDF/A Standard, led the Capstone email management implementation at NARA, and is currently the Electronic Content Management System Manager for Pitkin County in beautiful Aspen, Colorado. Susan’s topic is of value to any of us using Google Apps, including Google Mail, Google Vault, and Google Drive.  She describes the recordkeeping challenges, explores solutions to manage business records created and maintained in Google Apps, and will explore proven and potential policies and technical solutions for managing records created, received, and maintained in Google Apps. Susan’s presentation is Wed., May 6, from 6-7 Pacific in Collaborate. Individuals requiring real-time captioning or other accommodations should contact Dr. Sue Alman as soon as possible. Questions or comments, contact Dr. Patricia C. Franks (


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