A Tip: Use the MARA Research Library Guide for Speedy, Curated Research Sources


Published: November 2, 2021 by Melissa Prunty Kemp

MARA students are facing their culminating class projects over the next month. For first semester students who may be writing extensive research papers and projects, finding the latest and best peer-reviewed research for RIM, IG, and archives may not be easy or readily accessible outside trade journals or behind paywalls on the Internet. Matriculating students can always use a fast, liable source of the types of research requested for assignments or papers.  

Look no further than the SJSU King Library’s MARA Research LibGuide, an invaluable research tool for the MARA or MLIS major whether archivist, librarian, or RIM/IG. Most useful is the guides divisions focused on target areas like articles and databases.

The guide has its own dedicated librarian, Craig S. Simpson, ready to assist students in their research journeys. He continues to build on the work of his predecessor, Ann Agee, who created the first comprehensive guide for the MARA program. Not only is peer-reviewed research quick and easy to find with this guide, it also shows students our studies in action as future librarians and archivists. The MARA Research LibGuide will surely be missed upon graduation.


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