24th Issue of the Student Research Journal Explores Professionalism in Library and Information Science


Student Research JournalThe 24th issue of the fully student-run Student Research Journal is now available online. The issue features an invited contribution from a lecturer at the San José State University School of Information, an article by a recent graduate of the iSchool’s Master of Library and Information Science program, and a book review by a graduate student enrolled in the iSchool’s MLIS program.

Their articles, along with an editorial by the editor-in-chief, demonstrate different approaches to the relationship between theory and practice in professionalism.

Authors and Articles

Amber Passey: Professionalism in LIS: A Blend of Theory and Practical Application. Passey, the current editor-in-chief, discusses how research supports the relationship between theory and practical application in the LIS profession.

Dr. Jennifer Hopwood: Understanding the Importance of Creativity Towards Psychological Safety in the Library Workplace. Dr. Hopwood discusses how a supportive workplace environment can promote creativity and engagement in library employees.

Natasha Finnegan: Haitian Immigrants’ Information Needs and Behaviors: Libraries, Information Professionals and Haitians in the United States. Finnegan looks closely at Haitian immigrants as an information community and offers insightful ways libraries can meet their needs.

Samuel A. Kauffman: Book Review: Information at Work: Information Management in the Workplace, Katriina Byström, Jannica Heinström, Ian Ruthven. Kauffman’s review offers a critical analysis of the value of Information at Work in guiding information professionals in workplace processes.

About the SRJ

The SRJ promotes graduate and professional research in the library and information science field and asks crucial questions on current and emerging professional issues from a local, national and global perspective. By advocating for the value of research to further intellectual inquiry and innovation in our field, SRJ contributes critical insights to inform everyday professional practice in the field and specifically cultivates robust graduate student research through a rigorous peer review process. As SJSU’s only fully student-run, double-blind peer-reviewed, open access research journal, SRJ leads the way for the university, the College of Professional and Global Education, the iSchool, and LIS graduate research.

Editorial Team

SRJ editors who worked on this issue: Managing Editor Ben Brown; Content Editors Nicholas Catt, Nicole Daly, Madison Jurgens, Amber Morrell; and Copy Editors Elizabeth Kuykendall and Mia Lewis.

Call for Submissions

SRJ invites original research, book reviews, and evidence summaries from graduate students at any university on topics in the fields of librarianship and information science and archives and records management and related theory, policy, ethics, application, case studies and professional practice. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis and undergo rigorous peer review. Volume 13, Issue 1 is slated to be published in May of 2023.

Questions about the submission process can be emailed to the editor-in-chief at sjsu.ischool.srj@gmail.com. Students interested in applying to join the editorial team are encouraged to visit the official SRJ website. SRJ is also on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.