Alumni Advisory Group Fosters Strong Research Community


Former editorial team members of the Student Research Journal (SRJ), an entirely student-governed, double-blind, peer-reviewed, online and open-access journal at the San José State University (SJSU) School of Information, are giving back to the iSchool’s research community as members in the journal’s Alumni Advisory Group (AAG).

Dr. Anthony Bernier, associate professor at the SJSU iSchool and faculty advisor for the SRJ, organized the alumni group in order to further develop the potential of the journal. According to Bernier, the alumni group is positioned to give current editorial team members constructive feedback and help them cultivate new opportunities for the journal.

The SRJ AAG is open to all past editorial team members of the SRJ who have graduated from the SJSU School of Information, which includes copy editors, content editors, managing editors, and editors-in-chief. There are currently 17 active members of the AAG, and the group is growing each year.

While students at the iSchool, the editorial team consists of “a collegial group of competitively-selected copy and content editors led by a managing editor and an editor-in-chief,” said Bernier. “Together they produce a high-quality contribution to the school’s research community.”

Making connections between current editorial team members and alumni to help develop the research community is, according to Bernier, “part of our school’s organizational culture.” Bernier stated that the creation of the SRJ AAG is like other iSchool initiatives which “connect directly with our audiences and constituents.”

The SRJ alumni group convenes annually to meet with the current editor-in-chief, “review recent accomplishments, and offer observations and ideas for the editorial team to consider for future operational or strategic development,” explained Bernier. In addition, Bernier stated that “the AAG encourages people who have worked together in developing our quality journal as students remain in contact with each other after graduation.” Bernier himself serves as a career development resource for all alumni who stay active with the group, and said he enjoys learning about the careers of group members after graduation.

The SRJ is the only online journal on the San José State University campus produced by graduate students. Current and past issues, the list of current editorial team members and editorial board members, information about submissions, and journal policies can be found on the SRJ’s web page.