Fall Course Fees Reduced Thanks to Generous Scholarships


New and matriculated students enrolled in the San José State University School of Information’s master’s degree and bachelor’s degree programs are starting the fall semester with a little less financial worry. The SJSU iSchool recognized its exceptional students with 72 scholarships ranging from $750 to $3,000 each. Dr. Mary Ann Harlan, co-chair of the Scholarship Committee said, “Awarding scholarships is always an amazing opportunity to see the wonderful diversity and quality of iSchool students.”

Director’s Scholarship for Excellence

The Director’s Scholarship for Excellence was awarded to five incoming students who have shown a “passion for the information career field.” The scholarship applicants created infographics for their applications that expressed their passion and shared their unique stories and journeys toward a career in library and information science.

Scholarship recipient Molly Ann Ouellette decided on her infographic topic, Empowering Native Americans Through Libraries, from her personal experience as a member of the Little Shell Tribe. “I live in Montana, and we have over a dozen Indigenous communities who call this land home or reside here. It is very important to me that libraries not only include but welcome and support these communities in meaningful and relevant ways,” she stated.

Regina McQuiston's infographicRegina McQuinston decided to apply for the Director’s Scholarship due to returning to school after “seven years and working full time.” McQuinston is planning to use the scholarship funds to “complete the program in as little time as possible” and become a public librarian. “I hope to have switched fields within the next two years,” they said. McQuinston’s infographic reflects their interest in the public library, covering how the library maintains the principles of “information equity, adult literacy, diversity and technological access.”

The $1,422 scholarship was also awarded to Meghyn Torabi, Lawrence Mullen and Jake Gagne.

Endowed and Donated Scholarships

Continuing students who meet the eligibility requirements may apply for Endowed and Donated Scholarships, which are awarded annually in the spring with funds applied to fall courses. This year’s winner of the Alumni & Friends Scholarship is Julie Watt. Being awarded the scholarship has left Watt feeling “grateful.”

“The Alumni & Friends Scholarship highlights the community SJSU creates, and it encourages me on my path to librarianship where I hope to build on that tradition,” Watt explained. Watt plans to use the scholarship award to take more classes that will “further diversify my skill set.”

Additional scholarship recipients included:

  • Blanche Woolls Spectrum Scholarship: Jessica Nombrano
  • Faculty Scholarship: Shih Ying (Jessica) Lee
  • Global Impact Scholarship: Justine Kessler
  • H.W. Wilson Scholarship: Tabitha Hilliard
  • Kaiser Permanente Medical Librarianship Scholarship: Barbara Slover
  • Leppe Scholarship: Amanda Olson
  • Librarian Opportunity Scholarship: StarRose Keyes-Lebergott
  • Terry Crowley Scholarship: Chelsea Genack Eggli
  • Graduate Student Scholarship: Jessica Stoner

Special Session Scholarships

New and continuing students enrolled in one of the Special Session programs may apply for Special Session First Year Scholarships and Special Session Continuing Scholarships, respectively. Each scholarship recipient is awarded $3,000, and a total of 57 new and continuing students received the scholarship to be applied to fall course fees. Harlan said of the scholarship applicants, “We have such excellent choices, it is difficult to make decisions.”

The Special Session First Year Scholarship award winners are: Alex Ward, Antonio Reza, Braith Birchhall, Brooke Boetticher, Cari An Coe, Caroline Aldemir Heavican, Carolyn Downey, Catherina Messier, Christina Madrid, Claudia Lombardo, Dana Huber, Heather Laird, Iva Petkov, Jake Gagne, Jayne Bier, Jordan Blen, Kelsey Lamme, Lauren Holm, Lawrence Mullen, Madeline Muse, Mariella Seltzer, Meghyn Elizabeth Torabi, Melanie Ballesteros, Nadia Melissa Khan, Natania Cobie Fernoll, Prado Jix D. Inciong, Priscilla Berromilla, Reimi Patterson-Davidson, Renee Schofield, Shannon Broden, Sierra Reyelts, Tarenta Daniels, Vanessa de los Reyes, and Yolanda F Chavez Sherman.

The Special Session Continuing Scholarship award winners are: Ben Jenkins, Brianna Kelley, Elizabeth Tapia, Erin Coleen Robinson, Evette Allahverdian, Hannah Nguyen, Janeida Turbi, Jessica Lee, Jessica Stoner, Julie Watt, Karissa Hahn, Kathryn McCaskill, Katrina Gardner, Kelly Connelly, Kelly Duarte, Kim Bell, Laura Darlington, Lori Naylor, Nicole Daly, Nicole Shuey, Rachel DeBoer, Kristen Chua and Sophia Fernandez.

Scholarship Deadlines

Applications for the Director’s Scholarship for Excellence and Special Session Scholarships are currently open. Newly admitted students in Regular Session or Special Session may apply for the Director’s Scholarship for Excellence valued at $1,422 each. This scholarship is available to only master’s degree students. Newly admitted students and matriculated students in Special Session may apply for the Special Session Scholarships valued at $3,000 each. This scholarship is available to master’s degree and bachelor’s degree students. Funds awarded will be applied toward spring 2023 course fees. The deadline to apply for these scholarships is December 1, 2022.