iSchool Offers First-Ever Bachelor’s Degree
BS in Information Science and Data Analytics Program Prepares Students for Careers in Big Data, Emerging Technologies and Machine Learning

Hanover Research Current and Projected Employment

The School of Information at San José State University is pleased to announce a new Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Data Analytics degree program that prepares undergraduate students for one of the fastest-growing occupation areas in the United States, according to Hanover Research.

“We are really excited about this program,” enthused Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor Souvick Ghosh. “It is where technology meets humans, and it is exactly what the new generation needs!”

Ghosh highlighted the interdisciplinary nature of the 60-unit online undergraduate program, which is currently open for applications for admission in fall 2021. “This program will cover both the technical and social aspects,” he noted. “We want our students to learn how to analyze the data, but through a social lens, for the benefit of the society at large. Our students will get the opportunity to influence lives and solve social issues.”

Students majoring in Information Science and Data Analytics will complete their course work online using the Canvas learning management system and through virtual labs. Courses will cover a wide variety of topics, including distributed computing, emerging technologies (e.g., artificial intelligence, blockchain, AR/VR, and voice-based assistants), and ethics of technology usage and development.

Additionally, students will learn how people from diverse audiences interact with, use, and relate to information and data; present information and data in an engaging and useful ways to help users from diverse backgrounds and cultures tell stories and solve problems; and ensure that the system holding the data complies with policies and ethical and legal considerations of society and the user.

“I find the BSISDA program perfect for incoming students,” said Ghosh. “First, it is 100% online, and the lectures will be delivered asynchronously. This means the students will have complete flexibility over their schedule and can replay the lectures multiple times.” 

Working with data, technology and people, graduates with a BS in Information Science and Data Analytics will perform job duties and responsibilities that include analytics, visualization, digital curation, digital assets management, knowledge management, information architecture, documents and records management, health care, education, and emerging technologies—all geared toward the information needs of users.

The bachelor’s degree program is a first for the iSchool, but online education is not. According to Ghosh, “Most other schools are struggling to adapt to the online mode of instruction, but the School of Information has been a trendsetter in this regard. We know how to teach online and how to do it best for our students!”

Applications for admission in fall 2021 are open. Students who meet the admissions requirements may apply through undergraduate admissions. Read more about the BSISDA program.