Second Edition of Franks’ Records and Information Management Released


Records and Information Management Second Edition

New contributions from San José State University School of Information faculty members and a Master of Archives and Records Administration alumna expand upon Dr. Patricia Franks’ bestselling first edition of Records and Information Management.

“Feedback from many individuals, including the members of the editorial advisory board, helped me formulate an approach to the revision,” Franks explained in an interview.

She noted that the second edition features close examinations of concepts that deserved additional attention, and introduces new ideas (e.g., information economics) and emerging technologies like the Internet of Things platform and blockchain technologies. Other issues such as caring for physical records that possess intrinsic value are addressed in the updated text. Educators can also take advantage of additional resources that accompany the chapters for using in their classes.

The 14 chapters of the second edition include perspectives and/or paradigms by subject experts. The paradigm for chapter 6 was co-authored by 2016 MARA alumna, Morgan King, director and head of records and information management, and her colleague Stephen Aaronson, director and head of IT legal at the same pharmaceuticals firm, Shire. Their piece, “The Art and Science of ERMS Deployment,” describes their collaborative approach to develop a robust strategy for an electronic records management system.

Lecturer Dr. Lisa Daulby contributed a paradigm to Chapter 9–Monitoring, Auditing and Risk Management. “Identifying, Assessing, and Controlling Records and Information Management Risks–A Cross-Disciplinary Approach,” provides a unique approach to demonstrating the intersection of risk management methodologies and the Information Governance Maturity Model to uncover RIM risks dimensions and promote a risk-aware culture within any organization.

Lori Lindberg, a faculty member who also works as an independent archivist and consultant, wrote a paradigm for a new chapter. Chapter 10–Inactive Records Management: Records Centers and Archives features her contribution, “Establishing the Jelly Belly Candy Company Archives: A Case Study of a Family-Owned Candy Company’s History and Recordkeeping,” which describes the approach she took to establish a company archives for a privately-held, family owned business.

In addition, current MARA student Maggie Turner submitted a picture of her at her workplace (City Records Center of Milwaukee), which is published in the book.

Dr. Franks, CA, CRM, IGP, FAI is a professor and the coordinator of the MARA program. She became an Association of Records Managers and Administrators fellow in 2014. In addition to Records and Information Management, she is the co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Archival Science, International Directory of National Archives, and the upcoming 2019 Encyclopedia of Archival Writers (1500-2015).

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