Summer Reading Hot Pick: Student Research Journal Volume 4, Issue 1


Just in time for some scholarly summer reading, Volume 4, Issue 1 of the Student Research Journal (SRJ) is now freely available on Scholarworks, a digital service for representing the scholarship of San José State University faculty, students, and staff. SRJ continues to provide information professionals with critically reviewed and topical articles that contribute to the advancement of scholarly research.

The latest issue features original research on preparing graduate students for metadata librarianship, a review of current literature on the state of digital preservation, and an overview of privacy concerns during the digitization process.

An invited contribution by Dr. Debra Hansen, a professor at the San José State University School of Library and Information Science, discusses the development of the school’s Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) program and its first students.

Preparing LIS Students for a Career in Metadata Librarianship,” by Brighid Mooney-Gonzales, a graduate student studying library and information science at San José State University, offers original research on the various educational and work paths a library student can pursue for the goal of being a metadata librarian.

Graduate student Stephanie Routhier-Perry’s literature review on digitization and digital preservation provides an overview of current literature on the state of digital preservation. Copyright and cost issues play into the digitization and digital preservation issues, as Routhier-Perry cites research indicating it may be time-consuming, expensive, and difficult to establish copyright on older or digitized materials. Routhier-Perry is also an MLIS student at San José State University.

Along that same theme, Camila Z. Tessler, a graduate student at the University of Arizona, addresses privacy concerns during the digitization process in her article, “Privacy, Restriction, and Access: Legal and Ethical Dilemmas,” and discusses possible solutions, including developing stronger copyright and restricted materials policies, strong accession policies, and strong community input.

As Adrienne Mathewson, editor-in-chief of the SRJ, writes in her editorial, entitled, “Then & Now: The Changing Face of the Library Professional,” these articles reflect and celebrate the willingness of library professionals to embrace technology in their goal to provide free and accessible information to all.

The Student Research Journal is an open-source journal, and all the articles are available in PDF format online at: Vol. 4 Issue 1.                                                                 

Call for Submissions

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About the Student Research Journal

The SRJ promotes graduate scholarship and intellectual inquiry in library and information science, archives and records management, and museum studies by publishing two issues annually. It is San José State University’s first student-governed research journal. For more information about the SRJ, please visit the journal’s website.