Three Steps to Redefine the Information Professional


Dr. Sandra Hirsh, professor and director at the San José State University School of Library and Information Science, was a recent guest presenter for the Ontario Library Association’s Education Institute.

Her presentation titled “Redefining the Information Professional” laid the groundwork for the current situation, addressing stereotypes, such as “bunheads.”  She then outlined how information professionals can change perceptions, detailing three steps essential to redefining the information profession:

  1. We need to be clear and proactive
  2. Leverage our skills as technology evolves
  3. We need to become catalysts for change


The way that information is being created, consumed, stored, accessed, and found has changed in very profound ways. What does this mean for our profession? How can we redefine what it means to be an information professional in today’s evolving information landscape? As new technologies emerge, new opportunities for information professionals are emerging, too. This presentation explores some of the perceptions of our profession, and what we can do as information professionals to change them. Dr. Hirsh will outline how you can be a catalyst for change and inspire others to rethink the information profession.


If you missed the free webinar held May 3, 2013, you may view a recording. The recorded session link will expire in May 2014. Her slides are also available via Slideshare.

Recorded Session Link:×7at/

Redefining the information professional 2013-sandra-hirsh from SJSUSLIS