File Sharing Tools


Utilizing an online space for sharing documents is ideal when working collaboratively. Multiple people can view and edit the same document without cluttering up an email inbox. This can be especially useful if several virtual interns are working on the same project, or as a way for a site supervisor to see the progress an intern is making. The following file sharing tools are a few to consider when looking to enhance collaboration during a virtual internship.

  • With an easy download, DropBox provides users with an online storage space for their documents, images, and videos. Multiple users can be invited to access information through the share feature or links to specific files can be sent to collaborators.
  • Google Drive is a free file sharing service (up to 5 GB, with a subscription available for more storage) that features an online productivity suite. Google Docs is a word processor that provides users the ability to create and edit text documents. Google Sheets gives users the ability to create and edit spreadsheets. Google Slides gives users the ability to create and edit presentations. Collaborators can work together in real-time as well as view revision history to monitor work that has been completed.
  • PBworks provides users with an online workspace that multiple people can view and contribute to. With no download necessary, collaborators can make changes, view revision history, and monitor who contributed what to the documents.
  • is an online word processor that allows users to simultaneously collaborate on the same document. Changes appear instantly and are color-coded to indicate which user made them. All revision history is saved and easily viewed on a scrollbar timeline.
  • WeTransfer is a service that allows the transfer of large files. With a 2 GB limit, WeTransfer works well for those times when you need to share large files with others.
  • Zoho Docs provides a collaborative workspace for users to share their documents online. All files are stored virtually and, by setting security permissions, can be accessed by single users or entire groups. With additional features like chat and email, Zoho Docs allows for enhanced organization when working on files collaboratively.