Course Structure #1


1 The online course includes a syllabus outlining course objectives, learning outcomes, evaluation methods, books and supplies, technical and proctoring requirements, and other related course information, making course requirements transparent.

Deficient      Developing      Accomplished     Exemplary

All course syllabi are posted on the School’s web site.

The syllabus for each class contains:

  • program core competencies addressed
  • course learning outcomes
  • course requirements
  • tentative course calendar
  • grading information
  • textbook information

Additional requirements for the syllabus are detailed in the Faculty Handbook syllabus information pages.

All new faculty members are trained in how to include the syllabus in their course sites.

The School uses a database-driven application to provide faculty members with syllabus templates that ensure inclusion of all required information. The GSS Syllabi CMS application enables efficient posting of the syllabi to the web site for a transparent, accessible and complete archive of course information.

The course information database allows for automated display of specific types of information on other pages in the web site:

  • All textbook information for each semester’s classes is posted on the School’s web site prior to registration.
  • Course information (course description, prerequisites, Course Learning Outcomes, and Core Competencies (Program Learning Outcomes)

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