Syllabi Help
Using Concourse


New System – new processes

Beginning with the Fall 2022 semester the iSchool will use the Accessible Syllabus system implemented as Concourse. It is fully integrated into Canvas, which means faculty will have a single point of login for courses, syllabi, grading. NOTE: You build the syllabus in Concourse in Canvas, but then you need to go into your no login GSS portal to SUBMIT the syllabus.  

Things To Know

  • Ignore “save & notify” feature–it’s worthless–no one gets notified.
  • The names of the syllabus sections cannot be changed. Neither is their order up for debate. The powers that be have set it up this way, and that’s how it’s going to be.
  • You build the syllabus in Concourse in Canvas, but then you need to go into your no login GSS portal to SUBMIT the syllabus.  

Using The System

  • Never, ever copy/paste a table from Word or PDF. Watch the video on building tables. Concourse offers one the best HTML table editors I’ve seen. Also, know that copy/paste of tables won’t work as the editor strips out extraneous CSS/HTML.
  • On that note, you can no longer use internal page anchors, the editor removes them. The one exception is CLOs for which there is a tutorial video.
    I’ll repeat myself here: make sure you use “opens in same window” setting for CLO links. If a little square with angled arrow icon appears it means you got it set to “new window” which is usability no-no for page anchors.
  • There is no “undo” feature. Once you click “save” the section is changed; no way to bring back old content.
  • Do not click the RED X unless you want a whole section to disappear. One exception noted below.
  • Any section with a yellow pencil icon you can edit. For most of you this means the following sections:
    • Canvas information.
    • Contact Section.
    • Course Information. Defaults to: Synchronous/Asynchronous Zoom Meetings. You can click the RED X to make it go away. However you can use this section for anything that doesn’t fit elsewhere. And you can change the heading from Zoom meetings to anything you see fit.
    • Course Materials. With one caveat, don’t alter textbook information as it’s already been sent to the AEC center. You can add additional sections for readings. There’s no limit here.
    • Course Requirements and Assignments.
    • Course Schedule. 
  • Most of you will spend the majority of your time updating assignments and calendars.
  • If a section needs editing and you don’t have access, contact Derek to provide appropriate capabilities.

Concourse Howto Tutorials

  1. Soup to nuts, the whole process in one video: video #1
  2. Linking Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs): video #2
  3. Building a table the right way (includes CLOs): video #3
  4. Embedding your syllabus in a Canvas shell: video #4
  5. Building granular syllabi assignments, calendar: video #5
  6. Using the HTML editor, tips, tricks, behavior: video #6

No Login GSS

  1. Accepting a teaching invitation/selecting texts: video #1
  2. Accepting teaching dates for 1 & 2 unit courses: video #2
  3. Submitting syllabi for review and publication: video #3
  4. Systems integration and how Concourse fits: video #4

Selecting Texts

Selecting texts in the no-login system is super easy. Use your no login invite link to go there and just click the course(s) in the left margin. Also, #3 instruction item on the page is quite plain. Video Help

Q & A

Q: The Concourse Portal doesn’t appear in my class list. How do I find it?
A: In Canvas go to left menu, select “Courses > All Courses” — the portal will appear. Click the star to make it a “favorite” so it always appears in your list. Short Video Help.

Q: I didn’t receive my Canvas invite. How do I use Concourse?
A: When you login to Canvas an “invite button” in green should appear. Canvas Video Help

Q: The “invite” states I’m a “student”…is this correct?
A: Yes, the Concourse Portal is a Canvas Class shell like any other. In the portal you are a student. The invite looks like this:
Canvas Portal Invite Screenshot

Q: I submitted my syllabus too soon. Can I get it un-submitted?
A: Yes, email Bob Lucore or Derek to undo a submission.

Q: I lost my No Login GSS link. How do I get it back?
A: Contact Derek to get your invite link. Same is true for bio page link.

Q: I inadvertently clicked the red X and agreed to erase a section. Can I get it back?
A: Yes & No. Derek can restore the section to the state it was before you started
working (using a historical syllabus from gss). Any work done in the meantime is gone.

Q: Can I add a “missing” section to my syllabus?
A: No. Only an administrator (Derek or Bob) can add sections to a syllabus. If you need a
section that’s not there we can fix it easily.

Q: My CLO links don’t work. Can this be fixed?
A: Yes, the CLOs are input en masse, bypassing the text editor, so page anchors are not
stripped out. We can easily re-input them so your CLO links work. Just let Derek know 
which course/section. It’s an easy fix.