Evaluation And Assessment #9


9. A process is in place and followed for the institutional assessment of faculty online teaching performance.

Deficient    Developing    Accomplished    Exemplary

Standards and Expectations

The SJSU iSchool Online Teaching Standards and Indicators guide the expectations for faculty performance.  We also have the Minimum Instructional Expectations for All Faculty.  The standards and expectations are reviewed regularly.

Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness (SOTE)

The California State University uses a uniform student evaluation form – Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness (SOTE). All classes are evaluated each time taught. The results are provided to the faculty members and to the Director. An overall standard of a 4.0 (on a 5.0 scale) is expected. If a faculty member fails to reach this after 3 attempts they are not retained. The Director’s review is also reviewed by the Associate Dean of the College.

Following are the SOTE rating questions:

  • Demonstrated relevance of the course content
  • Used assignments that enhanced learning
  • Summarized/emphasized important points
  • Was responsive to questions and comments from students
  • Established an atmosphere that facilitated learning
  • Was approachable for assistance
  • Was respectful of the diversity of the students in the class
  • Showed strong interest in teaching the class
  • Used teaching methods that helped students learn important concepts
  • Used grading criteria that were clear
  • Helped students analyze complex/abstract ideas
  • Provided meaningful feedback about student work

Peer reviews
A full time  faculty member conducts peer reviews of all part time faculty using a peer evaluation form. Her reviews form part of the Director’s annual assessment of part time faculty.

Retention, Tenure, Promotion
Full time faculty are reviewed via the University’s Retention, Tenure, Promotion (RTP) guidelines.

Full time tenure track faculty are evaluated over a 6 year period.

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