iSchool Minimum Instructional Expectations for All Faculty


The items contained in this document reinforce and supplement expectations found in the iSchool Faculty Handbook and information for Unit 3 Faculty available from the SJSU Faculty Affairs website.

Teaching Expectations (for all faculty)

  • provide a syllabus using the online template provided by iSchool for form and substance; the syllabus should also meet the university’s guidelines.
  • submit textbook selections (required, recommended, none) by the deadline using the template provided by iSchool
  • fulfill assignment and grading obligations as contained in your syllabus, in a timely manner and submit final grades by the deadlines established
  • release course content on a pre-established schedule
  • fulfill your personal availability (“office hours”) as they are scheduled each semester
  • provide instructor-generated content within the course per the iSchool recorded content policy;  ensure ADA compliance
  • show ongoing presence in the class (such as through email, discussion forums, announcements, substantive feedback)
  • provide feedback on student progress within first third of the semester
  • adhere to established class schedule with advance notice to students of schedule changes
  • when working with a student on either a thesis or a special study, commit the requisite amount of time needed to ensure a successful completion of the project
  • incorporate your own research and professional knowledge and experience in the class materials/meetings
  • meet the iSchool written online teaching standards
  • keep student opinion of teaching effectiveness (SOTE) ratings at 4.0 or higher
  • submit class requests for teaching assignments for upcoming terms when requested

Communication Expectations

  • communicate with students, colleagues and staff in a respectful and timely (i.e., within 48 hours) manner
  • when out of communication for an extended period of time set an automatic response to email and voice messages unless you are planning on checking/answering at regular intervals. Otherwise alert students to times when you will be unavailable
  • respond in a timely manner to requests for information from administrative and technical staff

Professional Development

  • attend at least one of the iSchool faculty training sessions (T3) each semester–either live or via the recording–and submit a feedback form.