Student Support #3


3. Before starting an online program, students receive (or have access to) information about the program, including admission requirements, tuition and fees, books and supplies, technical and proctoring requirements, and student support services.

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All new students are directed to work through the New Student Checklist before they begin their first semester. It includes details about:

Additional Support:
After students are admitted but before they register for classes we aim to connect with prospective students. The objectives include:

1) Connect with them while they wait to hear about admissions using the student blog.
Seven-ten days after initial application, contact message sent directing them to the blog and giving contact information for questions

2) Increase admission to enrollment
Three-five messages sent at intervals between acceptance and the beginning of classes Messages give information about next steps, registration procedures, and online learning

3) Email communications informing of upcoming events, school news, and admissions processes.

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