Certificate Student Permission Number Request Form



Use this form to indicate which Special Session certificate courses you would like to take for the upcoming term. It is your responsibility to 1) check your specific Post-Master’s Certificate Pathway or your Advanced Certificate Pathway and 2) cross-check the Special Session Schedule of Classes to verify the approved classes and topics you are requesting are on the schedule and satisfy your certificate program. There is no mixing and matching, or substitutions of classes from other certificate pathways.

All Special Session classes have class section numbers -10 and above — be sure that the class you are requesting is a course and topic available from the upcoming Special Session schedule of classes (Certificate students do not take classes from the Regular Session schedule).

Based on availability, you will be contacted with the permission number(s) which will allow you to register online through the MySJSU system once online registration opens for Special Session students. Registration steps and links to registration tutorials are available from our Registration and Enrollment page.

Priority Class Requests

Beginning on October 15th, 8am Pacific, please submit Spring 2022 electives via this form. The Priority window for fall requests will close at 5pm Pacific on October 22nd. After this date, spring elective requests that come in to the web form will be filled on a space available basis. You will be able to request fall electives through the web form through Jan. 14, 2022. For best selection, submit your elective requests as soon as the Priority window opens.