Post Masters Registration and Enrollment


Registration and Enrollment — Post-Master’s Certificate

Enrollment Deadlines

Fall 2021 courses begin in late August 2021. However, we strongly encourage Post-Master’s Certificate students to begin INFO 203 Online Learning when the course opens on the first week of August 2021. The window to request classes for admitted new certificate students will open in mid-April. To be a part of our “priority” window for Post-Master’s student registrations, please complete the web form request early.

Fees will be due within 21 days of enrollment and will be viewable through one.SJSU. Pay your fees after you are enrolled in each class. Classes may be dropped for lack of payment.

Our school’s student outreach specialist, Sheila Gurtu, will manage the process to enroll you in the courses you choose each semester. Students already enrolled in the program can take courses during the fall, spring and summer sessions.

IMPORTANT: We will try to get you into the class of your choice but cannot guarantee a particular instructor. We do not guarantee a particular instructor for any of our programs.

Time to Completion

Completion of the required 16 units and outcomes assessment project must occur within three years. Post-Master’s Certificate program students may take one semester leave without penalty (summer is not included). Students not enrolled for two consecutive semesters, i.e. fall and spring or spring and fall semesters, will be dropped from the program and must re-apply. Summer semester enrollment does not count toward the consecutive enrollment rule. See the program FAQs for details on grade and GPA requirements.