MLIS Electives for MARA Students Application Form


Students interested in taking courses from the MLIS program as elective for the MARA degree, must select from a pre-approved list. MARA students are limited to 9 units of INFO electives from the approved list. 

This form can be used to select up to two MLIS elective courses for the upcoming term. Because not every course topic runs each semester, you should first check the special session schedule of courses offered for the upcoming term before submitting this form. The “Note” column on the schedule contains the seminar topic and any specific dates for 1 or 2 unit electives

For each course, you are asked to select a second choice in case classes are full or canceled. The courses on this list are the only INFO courses approved as electives for MARA students. Some INFO courses run with multiple topics, but the topics included on this form are the only ones approved for MARA students. Check the Notes column of the upcoming Special Session schedule to see if any courses are 1 or 2 unit classes, with variable start and end dates. We will not receive the course permission numbers until closer to the first week of registration. Requests are fulfilled in the order in which they are received. For best selection, please complete the form right when it first opens.

Please submit Summer 2023 elective permission number requests on Mar. 20th, 2023 beginning at 8 am Pacific. Summer MySJSU registration begins on April 19th and ends May 31st. For best selection, submit INFO course requests early.

Beginning on April 17th, please submit Fall 2023 elective permission number requests via this webform. This webform will close for Fall 2023 requests on Aug. 11th, 2022 at 5pm Pacific. Fall 2023 MySJSU registration for special session will open on May 2nd, 2023 and end August 16, 2023.

Registration dates and tutorials for new and continuing special session students, are available on our website.

How to Use this Form

Step 1: Check the list of current *pre-approved MLIS courses and topics to be used as MARA electives to see which classes and topics you would be interested in taking. 

*Contact the MARA Coordinator directly for approval regarding any variable unit (1 and 2 unit) INFO electives that are not listed on the approved list.

MLIS course descriptions are available at Previous syllabi and Special Session MLIS course rotations are also helpful planning tools.

Step 2: Check which specific topics are offered from the upcoming Special Session schedule of classes.

MARA students may also elect to take up to 6 units of credit by enrolling in courses offered through the Web–based Information Science Education. This is a unique opportunity for students to take online learning courses from other accredited U.S. and Canadian schools and some schools from other countries. The MARA coordinator will pre-approve courses from the WISE offerings each term that relate to the MARA curriculum. MARA students can then apply for a seat in any of those pre-approved WISE courses. If the application is accepted, the student would then contact Alison Johnson for a permission number to register for INFO 298 through SJSU.

Step 3: Submit this form.

If you have questions related to the form, the approved MLIS electives, or your schedule, please contact Dr. Darra Hofman MARA academic advisor.