Technology Literacy Requirements


All students applying for admission to the School of Information must have the computer literacy skills described below. These skills will be assumed in all classes and will not be taught by the iSchool faculty or staff.

  • Have a working knowledge of the basic functions of a Windows or Mac operating system including the ability to:
  • Install and uninstall application programs, (i.e., Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Reader)
  • Create or open zipped files
  • Save to disk, find files, create directories, run programs
  • Copy and paste text, images, etc. from one application to another
  • Use word processing software to create, edit, and save (in various formats) a document which includes images or graphs
  • Use productivity and presentation tools (examples: Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Use a virus protection program (including updating definitions and running scans)

Have Internet connectivity from home and the ability to:

  • Send and receive messages via e-mail
  • Use proper online etiquette (“netiquette”)
  • Add and open attachments to e-mail
  • Install and upgrade a Web browser
  • Search and navigate the Web using a browser
  • Use a streaming media player