Career Fields and Job Positions


Career Fields

  • Data Analytics: Collecting, organizing, transforming, and analyzing data to assist in decision making through predictive analysis.
  • UX/UI: Applying interactive and visual design concepts to websites and web applications for a positive and cohesive user experience.
  • Software Development: Creating, designing, deploying, and supporting software development in organizations of all types.
  • Cybersecurity: Application of technologies, processes and controls to protect systems, networks, devices and data from cyber attacks.
  • Web Development: Building and maintaining websites.

Job Positions

  • Business Consultant: Analyze data, processes, and workflows to improve processes, services, and products.
  • Data Analyst: Make sense of data to empower decision-making through the use of statistical and data interpretation concepts.
  • Data Architect: Design, implement, and monitor an organization’s data management framework to support creation, acquisition, maintenance, and control of enterprise data.
  • Information Assurance Analyst: Perform assessments against organization policy and regulatory control frameworks to ensure an organization meets customer, regulatory, and industry requirements
  • IT Advisor: Provide broad technical expertise and assistance related to an organization’s IT infrastructure.
  • UI/UX engineer: Build and design digital products such as websites and apps based on user experience and user interface principles.
  • Data Visualization Specialist: Create graphs, charts, and multimedia visuals to support comprehension and decision-making.