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Your Career — BS in Information Science and Data Analytics
Transfer Students

Graduates with a BS in Information Science and Data Analytics will have knowledge of software principles and practices, programming concepts and techniques, data structures, and system development methods and practices. In addition, they will have studied the human aspect of technology usage with consideration on privacy and ethics and impacts on society.

With this knowledge and skill set, graduates will be prepared for careers in data analytics, database administration, UX/UI, technology development, digital curation, cybersecurity, web content and development, and information architecture. They may hold positions, such as IT advisor, front end web developer, data architect, and data visualization specialist.

Students in Special Session can use the basic services available from the SJSU Career Center website like SJSU Handshake, the career services system and job board, Career Center lab and basic guidance and online career learning.


Career Fields and Job Positions

Career Fields

  • Data Analytics: A process of collecting, organizing, transforming, and analyzing data to facilitate ability to make predictions, draw conclusions, and make informed decisions.
  • Database Administration: Oversight of the creation, maintenance, and security of databases.
  • UX/UI: Apply interactive and visual design concepts to websites and web applications for a positive and cohesive user experience.
  • Software Development: Build computer program