Job Titles and Responsibilities


Information professionals with MLIS or MARA degrees have skills that are in demand in technology firms, corporate offices, and many other special settings. Job titles will vary based on assigned responsibilities and the culture of the organization. An example of the range of titles, drawing on the “MLIS Skills at Work” report and Rethinking Information Work, 2d ed (Dority, Libraries Unlimited, 2016):

Since this list provides just a sample of the potential roles information professionals may play in special library settings, you can see that the field offers myriad opportunities for those with solid LIS skills. In terms of in-demand expertise, some of the skills that employers find highly desirable and that you can learn during your iSchool studies include:

  • Taxonomical management (how to select and utilize taxonomies)
  • Metadata management (how to select, curate, and implement metadata standards)
  • Customer service experience
  • Project management
  • Content management
  • Digital media management (photos, blogs, videos, etc.)
  • Content strategy (how to use and strategize content creation and usage)

To read more about what skills employers are looking for, see the iSchool’s annual report, ”MLIS Skills at Work: A Snapshot of Job Postings Spring 2018,”(PDF) especially the information on Emerging Technologies (slide 25), Corporations and Business (slide 26), and Special Libraries (slide 27).

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