Research Profile: Anthony Bernier


Statement of Research Interests and Experience

My primary research explores public space equity for young adults and the administration of library services with them. More specifically my interests connect the built library environment to visions of young adults as fully entitled citizens and active social agents. Those interests intersect in the study of history, architecture and design, administration, and critical cultural studies.

Possible PhD Thesis Topic Areas

  • Young adult services and history
  • The library as place
  • Social theory applied to public libraries
  • Contemporary issues in middle-management

Ten Representative Publications

  • Bernier, A., Males, M. (Winter 2017). Needed: A fresh perspective on campus violence. Thought & Action 33, No. 1, pages 47-58.
  • Bernier, A., and Stenstrom, C.. (2015). Moving from chance and “chemistry” to skills: Improving online student learning outcomes in small group collaboration. Education for Information 31, no. 4. [special innovative pedagogies issue]
  • Hirsh, S.; Simmons Holschuh, M.; Christensen, P.; Sellar, M.; Stenström, C,; Hagar, C.; Bernier, A.; Faires, D.; Fisher, J.; Alman, S.. (2015). International Perspectives in LIS Education: Global Education, Research, and Collaboration at the SJSU School of Information. Journal of Education for Library & Information Science, Supplement 1, Vol. 56, pS27-S46.
  • Agosto, D., Kuhlmann, M. L., Pacheco Bell, J., Bernier, A.. (May/June 2014). Learning from libraries and teens about YA library spaces. Public Libraries 53, no. 3, pages 24-28.
  • Bernier. A., Males, M. (July/August 2014). YA spaces and the end of postural tyranny. Public Libraries 53, no. 4, pages 30-40.
  • Bernier, A., Males, M., Rickman, C.. (April 2014). “It is silly to hide your most active patrons:” Exploring user participation of library space designs for young adults in the United States.” Library Quarterly: Information, Community, Policy 84, pages 1-18.
  • Bernier, A. ed. (2013). Transforming young adult services. Chicago: Neal-Schumann Publishers.
  • Bernier, A., ed. (2013). The wit and wisdom of Dorothy Broderick: The VOYA editorials and more. Bowie, MD. E. L. Kurdyla Publishing.
  • Bernier, A. (2012). VOYA’s YA Spaces of Your Dreams Collection. Lanham, MD: E. L. Kurdyla Publishing.
  • Bernier, A. (February 2012). An agenda of praxis for young adult librarianship. Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults 2, no. 2.
  • Bernier, A. (forthcoming) California YA gold rush sets new national standard, Public Library Quarterly
  • Bernier, A. (2007). “Not broken by someone else’s schedule:” On joy and young adult information–seeking. In M. K. Chelton & C. Cool (Eds.). Youth information-seeking behavior: Theories, models, and issues (pp. xiii–xxvii). Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press. (21 pages)
  • Bernier, A., M. K. Chelton, C. A. Jenkins., & J. B. Pierce. (2005 June). Two hundred years of young adult library services: A chronology. Voice of Youth Advocates, 28, 106-111.
  • Bernier, A. (2003 August). The case against libraries as ’safe places’. Voice of Youth Advocates.
  • Bernier, A. (2000 August). A library “TeenS’cape” against the new callousness. Voice of Youth Advocates.
  • Bernier, A. (2000 February). Young adults, rituals, and library space. Voice of Youth Advocates.
  • Bernier, A. (1998 October). Bathrooms, bedrooms, and young adult spaces. American Libraries.

Professional Memberships and Related Matters

Member of the American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIST) and the Integrated Disaster Risk Management Society (IDRiM).
Editorial Board, Journal of Geography and Natural Disasters.