Research Profile: Lili Luo


Statement of Research Interests and Experience

I joined iSchool in the fall of 2007 after receiving the Ph.D. in Library and Information Science at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. My primary area of research interest is information services and use. My research explores how information, users and information experts interact with one another. I’m also interested in education for librarians and information professionals.

Possible PhD Thesis Topic Areas

  • Reference and information services
  • Library Education

Ten Representative Publications

  • Luo, L. (2008). Toward sustaining professional development: Identification of essential competencies for chat reference service. Library and Information Science Research, 30(4), 298-311.
  • Luo, L., West, D., & Marchionini, G. (2008) Annotations of interlibrary loan process: The transition from analog to electronic. Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Information Supply, 18(3), 307-324.
  • Luo, L., & Kemp, J. (2008) Second Life: Exploring the immersive instructional venue for Library and Information Science education. Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, 49(3), 147-166.
  • Luo, L., (2008). Reference service in Second Life: An overview. Reference Services Review, 36(3), 289-300.
  • Luo, L., (2008). Chat reference evaluation: A framework of perspectives and measures. Reference Services Review, 36(1), 71-85.
  • Luo, L., (2007). Chat reference competencies: Identification from a literature review and librarian interviews. Reference Services Review, 35(2), 195-209.
  • Pomerantz, J., & Luo, L. (2006). Motivations and uses: Evaluating virtual reference service from the users’ perspective. Library & Information Science Research, 28(3), 350-373.
  • Pomerantz, J., Luo, L., & McClure, C. R. (2006). Peer review of chat reference transcripts: Approaches and strategies. Library & Information Science Research, 28(1), 24-48.

Professional Memberships and Related Matters

  • ALISE, Association for Library and Information Science Education.
  • ALA, American Library Association.