Research Profile: Mary Ann Harlan


Statement of Research Interests and Experience

My research interests are in the area of information practices; how people interact with information in a particular setting with an emphasis on a sociocultural lens (how the sociocultural context impacts the information practices of a community).  I am particularly interested in populations related to rural areas, and youth.  I am also pursuing research related to girls and their information practices while reading Young Adult fiction, as related to identity construction.

Possible PhD Thesis Topic Areas

  • Information Practices of Teacher Librarians
  • Information Practices of Rural Youth
  • Digital Citizenship Development in Rural Communities
  • Informed Learning in K12 Environments
  • Information Practices of Artists

Representative Publications

  • Harlan, M.A. (2017) “Girl constructed in two non-fiction texts. Sexual subject? Desired Object?” Girlhood Studies 10.3
  • Harlan, M. A. (2016) “Constructing youth: Reflecting on defining youth
  •           and impact on methods.” School Libraries Worldwide 22.2, 1.
  • Harlan, M. A. (2016). Connection information: Connected learning and
  •            Information practices. School Libraries Worldwide 22.1, 110.
  • Harlan, M. (2014). Standing on a corner: The access gap in rural communities. Teacher Librarian, 42(1), 38-42.
  • Harlan, M.A., Bruce, C.S. & Lupton, M. (2014). Creating and sharing: teens’ information practices in digital communities. Information Research, 19(1) paper 611. [Available at ]
  • Harlan, M., Bruce, C., & Lupton, M. (2011). Teen content creators: Experiences of using information to learn. Library Trends, 60(3), 569–587.
  • Harlan, M. A., C. Bruce, et al. (2011). Teen content creators: Experiences of using information to learn. Library Trends 60(2).

Professional Memberships and Related Matters

  • ASIST Member
  • ALISE Member
  • ALA: AASL and YALSA Member
  • Member of Association for Information Science and Technology (used to be ASIS&T)
  • Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE)
  • Informing Science Institute.