Research Profile: Michelle Chen


Statement of Research Interests and Experience

I received my PhD in Management Information Systems from McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas-Austin with a focus on statistics and computational learning. Prior to joining iSchool in the fall of 2012, I taught in the University of Connecticut and the University of San Francisco. My primary area of research interest is big data mining and visualization. My research explores how online user behavior can be shaped with the presence of large-scale social networks. I am also interested in the role of information visualization in enhancing education and research activities. I am currently part of the Big Data Cluster of SJSU.

Possible PhD Thesis Topic Areas

  • Big data mining and visualization
  • Online social network analysis

Representative Publications

  • Chen, H. (2017). Information visualization. Library Technology Reports, 53(3), 1-30.
  • Chen, H., & Ducheneaux, T. (2017). How are we doing in tribal libraries? – A case study of Oglala Lakota College Library using information visualization. Library Management, 38(1), 20-44.
  • Chen, H., Franks, P., & Evans, L. (2016). Exploring government uses of social media through Twitter sentiment analysis. Journal of Digital Information Management, 14(5), 290-301.
  • Chen, H., Zou, H., & Scott, A. (2016). Improving the analysis and retrieval of digital collections: A topic-based visualization model. Journal of Information Technology Management, 27(2), 82-92.
  • Chen, H. (2015). Do online recommendations matter? – A multimodal investigation of Amazon’s co-purchase network. Journal of Digital Information Management, 13(3), 176-184.
  • Gu, B., Konana, P., Raghunathan, R., & Chen, H. M. (2014). The allure of homophily: Evidence from investor responses on virtual communities. Forthcoming, Information Systems Research.
  • Chen, H. M. (2013). Exploring the factors driving opinion polarization in online group discussions: An investigation of virtual investment-related communities. International Journal of Business Research, 13(4) 53-64.
  • Gu, B., Konana, P., & Chen, H. M. (2012). Identifying consumer consideration set at the purchase time from aggregate purchase data in online retailing. Decision Support Systems, 53(3), 625-633.
  • Gu, B., Konana, P., Rajagopalan, B., & Chen, H. M. (2007). Competition among virtual communities and user valuation: The case of investing-related communities. Information Systems Research, 18(1), 68-85. (Best Paper Award)